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Wednesday, Nov. 03, 2004
Over And Done

Finally... A few precious moments of downtime! I'm exhausted, no surprise there. I had planned to go to bed early but Boss decided that since we didn't do maintenance last week on the server, I needed to do it tonight. So I'm up for at LEAST a couple of more hours.

I've been working on mindless stuff - mostly signature graphics for friends, etc. I haven't made any animated graphics in forever, so I kind of went crazy. I also discovered a new trick with my graphics editor that creates a very cool font effect. After the past few weeks, I am very content to do something creative that doesn't require much thought. I couldn't dredge up the brainpower to put together a cohesive plot line, so this is my alternative.

One interesting facet about yesterday's election - one that I hope is a bright spot in an otherwise dismal day. For the first time ever, voters here elected a woman to head up the county government. In fact, we elected TWO women to the three-member board. We've gone from the Good Old Boys to... well, to whatever we'll soon have. At the moment, that's an unknown.

I received the DaVinci Code in the mail today. (Thanks to a very generous friend from here on DL. I owe ya one!!) So guess what I will be doing this weekend? I'd start it sooner but I know I am going to want to basically sit down and read it straight through. If I am not interrupted, I am guessing I can read it in five or six hours. A paperback romance takes me about two and a half hours, give or take. It took me much longer to read Pillars of the Earth, and I didn't like putting it down at night. I took it when I went with a group to Flagstafff last winter, to cover a political meeting there. I think it was something like 6-7 hours each direction on the bus. I couldn't read all that time - it was much too dark when we left (3:30AM) and was dark long before we got back - but it still gave me plenty of time to finish up what I had left of the book.

I tend to get book recommendations from intriguing people, come to think of it. I'd forgotten about that - that book was recommended by the VP of an indy film studio.

I got another list - and I do mean LIST - of "must-read" tomes from someone who presented himself to be a college student. I knew he was lying, something I normally loath; but in this case I knew why and was willing to overlook it as long as it stayed harmless. I played along, right up until he started playing some more serious and hurtful games with one of my dearest friends, then I more or less took him aside and told him to cut it out. I didn't hear from him again, and while I still miss the kid terribly, it was the right thing for him to walk away. If he hadn't chosen to leave, I'd have called him on a line of bunk that had more holes than a house of Swiss cheese. I'm a frigging news investigator and I raised four children by myself. I can smell a lie from a mile away.

He'd probably shoot me to find out that I lost his reading list when my computer crashed shortly after he dropped out of sight. I know the list included Dante's Inferno, and I believe Moby Dick. The latter was not entirely fair, as I had already read it several years ago. And yes, I actually READ it in school. He removed some works of Shakespeare for that very reason.

There are a few advantages to being raised in a fundamentalist Christian household. Among them, I actually understand Shakespeare. I grew up on the King James Bible; and that, combined a couple of years of classes and a crash-course in life of Spanish, gave me a clear grasp on the grammar and syntax of Olde English.

Despite swearing I'd never get my hair cut here in town again, I decided today to try an appointment at a local beauty salon. I'm trying to grow this mop out, but trying to keep it from getting too scraggly in the meantime. When my bangs are in my eyes, it's time for another cut. I just cringe every time I think about it, because last time I had a local person cut my hair, and I repeated ad nauseam not to cut it short, I came away what what amounted to a men's regular haircut. I think John Kerry and GW Bush have more hair than I had when that woman got done with me.

Unfortunately the new salon doesn't take walk-ins and when I called to ask about a Saturday appointment, they said they'd have to call me back. They never called. I can trim my own bangs if I have to, and from the looks of it, I'll have to. Ugh. I can run virtually all aspects of a radio station. I can write. I can paint and cook and sew. I can play the piano (or a reasonable facsimile to playing.) I can carry a tune and harmonize.

But there are some things that I most definitely cannot do, and cutting my own hair is one of them.

I can already tell a HUGE difference in the texture of my hair since it's gotten even just a little longer. I have a weird combination of baby-fine hair and extremely thick hair. When it's layered and starts to grow out, I'm a dead ringer for the Cowardly Lion. It goes everywhere. The color is even pretty darned close, too. It worked well for the Wizard of Oz, but it's not the most professional look for someone who's constantly fighting to stay on top in the news business.

I wasn't sure I'd be able to stand feeling the stuff on my neck again after years of wearing it in a short-short cut, but it's not too bad. I thought the change to the coarser texture was just a combination of gray hair and age, but apparently it's more the length. Now that it's growing out, finally, it's vastly softer. And here I only wanted it long enough to braid up and go, HAHAHA!

Well, my maintenance stuff at work is nearly done and methinks I've rambled on enough here for about six entries. As unhappy as I am with the results of the election, I'm immensely relieved it's over and done.

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In the grander scheme of things, no soul can truly be replaced. Each one of us has a place in the universal tapestry. We each contribute our own color and texture. When one thread is snipped too soon, it distorts all the threads around it. Other lives can unravel and tear. If the wrong thread is ripped away, the whole fabric of life becomes dangerously fragile.
- LeiLani, aka Radiogurl aka Bright Opal (1957 - )