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Monday, Aug. 02, 2004
The Creak Of A Prison Door

I am going to call it an early night tonight - between work, work, little sleep, and work, I'm pretty much beat.

I did get verbally reamed last night from Friend in Quebec, who threatened me with dire consequences if I killed myself from overwork. He finally extracted a promise from me - to wit, if my story sells I have to immediately write another and submit for publication. The money from the first goes into a don't-touch-this-for-anything bank account and the second that the next story sells, I will pack up and move to Indy without a peep - if not before.

Then today I spoke to a salesman for a Linux-based radio automation program that had some extremely interesting things to say - once I convinced him that talking down to me would not be a wise move on his part. He started out by not wanting to talk to me at all - until I explained that I'm our IT. The intellectual quotient of the conversation rose several dozen points then and there. He was still a bit condescending until I told him that I was at that moment in the middle of installing Gentoo Linux over an SSH connection using PuTTY (not a typo - the program is capitalized like that), and that I already had us set up on a VPN through precisely the software system he'd just name-dropped.

Once this rather surprised and suddenly impressed gentleman picked his jaw up off of the floor, we were on to a much more efficient discussion level. I got a lot of the technical information that I needed, including the fact that they offer their own customized Linux OS and they actually perform the maintenance and repairs over the network - so I don't have to be here any more for the studio system to be taken care of!!! Honey, that was heaven to my ears. Add to that he said their track record for stability is extremely high - that they've got customers whose systems haven't crashed after several YEARS of nonstop operation - and I'm looking hard and long at what they've got to offer. Our computer's record is more like two weeks without a crash, though I think that one of the machines may have gone for three - not positive about the time frame on that one, and when it did crash, it went down hard.

Now I just have to convince Boss that it's worth the expense. I don't think it will take much to do that if I can find documentation to back up what the salesman promised. If they take full responsibility for the system - that's one heck of a maintenance program and worth every penny they're asking.

Salesman also said they also use Samba, which is a subprogram that makes the Linux talk to Windows - including use of some Windows-based programs. That means that our scheduling software for music and for traffic can probably be incorporated without a hitch.

Needless to say, the claims sound a little too good to be true. But if even half of them are true, it will be a vast improvement over what we have now.

This means I have a real opportunity to get my butt out of this place once and for all and get a job where the working conditions don't require life in abject poverty and third-world conditions. I might even get a job that permits a vacation now and then. What an amazing concept!

My next project will be forcing myself to sit down and write a resumé. I haven't done that in eons, but I realize it's a necessary evil. When I get to Indy, if I don't already have a job waiting, I'll hit two or three temp agencies and go from there, taking what I can get until either I make a real go of it as a writer or get a better permanent job.

And just when you thought it wasn't easy to gross you out any more: there is real medical research to say that maggot treatment is the way to go for tough infections that won't respond to antibiotics. I'm not kidding. Maggot treatment is now approved by the Food and Drug association. So are leaches, in some cases. As shudder-inducing as that is, once again Mother Nature's way proves superior. Not sure this would be considered homeopathic medicine, but I think the naturalist medicine societies are nodding their heads with a hearty dose of I told you so! for added flavor. Just keep me heavily sedated if you're letting those critters wriggle around inside my body, please. And I'll spare you the pictures.

Oh, and Wench77, the rest of the events of my week are as follows. I have fallen head-over-heels in love and am running off to elope, then to spread the gospel. The Linux reference is pre-explained. Now that I've suspended anything resembling reality, I also won the lottery and the Pulitzer Prize for writing, and in my spare time have taken up modeling and am to be featured in the Swimsuit Edition of Sports Illustrated this year. Just thought you'd like to know!

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