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Friday, Oct. 29, 2004
Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

It's been raining since yesterday morning. Or snowing, depending on how high in elevation you're talking. Unless I miss my guess, there is now snow on top of the mountains just outside of town, and I'll snap some pictures tomorrow before work.

We didn't get nearly the amount of moisture from the last few storms that California received, thank goodness. We've received maybe a half an inch of rain altogether. Of course we're already forewarned that there's more rain coming our way. What hits L.A. hits us a day or two later. So far we've been reasonably fortunate here, because we haven't had many of the truly violent storms that are known to hit, nor the torrential rainfall and associated flash flooding.

Mother Nature decided to wreak havoc with my weather forecast yesterday afternoon. (I started to say "this afternoon" but realized it's technically Friday now, since it's past midnight.) Our overnight low registered at 53F and sometime during the day it snuck up to 62F. But by the time I went on-air at 3:30PM with my first afternoon newscast, it was 48F. By 5 o'clock it was down to 42F, already below what the National Weather Service told us to expect for the overnight low. Fortunately I work for an independent station and had the freedom to tell my listeners to ignore the weather service, have their umbrellas handy, and dig out their winter coats, because it was gonna get chilly tonight. It was darned tempting to tell them to have snow boots ready, but there were two problems with that. One, I don't think anyone in this area even OWNS snow boots; and two, I didn't honestly expect the snow level to fall this low. I discovered long ago that entirely too many people take me seriously when I make a wisecrack like that!

My little hole-in-the-wall town is situated at an elevation of about 3500-4000 feet. In comparison, Phoenix sits near 1000 feet elevation. We tend here to be about 10F cooler in temperatures, though occasionally the variance is more than that. And for anyone who doesn't know Arizona, on a typical day, there can be a variation of as much as 40F between the daytime and nighttime temperatures. It's a combination of the fact that I live in a desert and that I live in the mountains, both of which tend to generate weather extremes.

Talked to a friend on the phone tonight. While I won't give up any specifics, I will say that he gave me some things that made me go, "Hmmmm..." Lots to think about, in fact. I hope to implement what I believe was some very good advice.

My baby granddaughter is going to go spend a week with her daddy, so while I'll miss her, the house will be quieter for a few days. As much as I love having her here, I'm glad she'll be gone next week. She is my constant companion from the second I get home from the studios until she goes to bed at night; and now that she's figured out how to open my door, she comes in every morning to wake me up. (It makes it very late for me to get my news stuff recorded that way, too.) Most beautiful alarm clock I've ever had, to be sure, but Tuesday will be a bear. More than likely I'll work from 9AM until at LEAST 3 the next morning, thanks to the election. I don't need her sweet, cheerful little face waking me up the next morning. After that unbroken stretch, I reserve the right to be cranky, at least until I can get a decent dose of caffeine injected into my system. (Tea, not coffee. I can make coffee but never learned to drink the stuff.) If Short Stuff was here, I couldn't be appropriately crabby.

Besides which, Wednesday night I will probably come home and drop into bed and not move for a few hours. Definitely not possible with the baby around.

Argh... It's 1am. Again. I really have to start going to bed sooner!

I'm glad I got the phone call when I did. It was a miracle anyone got through. My daughter lives with the receiver glued to her ear about 22 hours out of 24. She's on it again. Thank God for flat-rate long distance plans!!!

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