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Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2004
Filing A Report

Well, things didn't precisely go as I had hoped, but at least the door is open and I think in the long run, this will work out better, especially for me. I am here on Diaryland, filing the report that a few folks demanded, heheheee!

I ended up not working as late as I expected tonight - only about an hour and a half over. Tall Guy and I have streamlined part of the processes, which cut way down on time. There are still more things we'll need to clean up later on down the line. We just didn't want to tackle them tonight. Tall Guy walked me through a couple of changes in the backup procedure, showing me how to use one program I've only used once before, and using another hardware option I have never used at all before tonight.

There wasn't a lot of opportunity for personal discussion while we were working, though I did ask him if he'd taken the other job yet. He said that while he hasn't yet officially accepted the job, he is going to do so next week when the district manager is back in the state.

I told Tall Guy that I was glad for him, but I was going to miss working with a cute guy every week. (And yes, that's a quote.) I'm definitely not a flirt by nature. I had to force myself to say that, and to try to keep my tone light. He certainly didn't seem offended, and was quick to assure me that even after he takes this job, he fully intends to remain our tech on the side.

I also pointed out that while 00 and I could do a lot of this ourselves (and have) we'd gotten very spoiled to having him there. We have gotten used to saying, "Let's call Tall Guy," regardless of whether we knew how to do something or not. I know that when he goes to the new job, since it is management, it will require a lot of hours. I know the business where he'll be working, and what the job involves, and the hours it can entail. Tall Guy said he intends to keep up with his established computer customers, doing that work on the side, as some of them simply won't go to anyone else (which is perfectly understandable given the fact that he is the ONLY qualified tech in town). But the reality is that I don't think it will be possible for him to do that, as his new job could well end up being a two- or three-hour drive from here.

While I had planned to invite him for dinner after work, he told me when he first got to the studio that he left his dinner cooking at home when he arrived, because he'd forgotten he was supposed to come in tonight. (Our normal maintenance night is Tuesday rather than Wednesday, so that's understandable.) When he first got to the studios, he walked up behind me and put his hand on my upper back, between my shoulder blades, just rested it there for a minute or so. Again, nothing overt. I could've sworn there was a moment of... possessiveness? I don't know how to categorize it. I just got the brief sense that it was more than a light touch, and then it was over and we got to work.

We didn't get much chance to talk while at work because Boss was hovering over our shoulders every second that wasn't spent in actual dialogue over the computer processes. However, Tall Guy drove me home after work and I finally at least volunteered that I'd planned to ask him in for dinner before I found out he already had something cooking at home. I really didn't expect anything except maybe a courteous, "Thanks, but no thanks." Instead, he surprised me by asking for a rain check, which I agreed to without hesitation. So he knows now for certain that I'm interested, and I now feel a little more confident that I really didn't imagine his interest, either.

This is a very good thing. I'm not in a hurry. Nobody's rushing into anything but neither are either of us running the other direction. There is a comfort level there I've never had with previous relationships, even at this stage.

I am going to have to call it a night for now. This has been an extraordinarily long week already, and I am falling asleep at the keyboard. But y'all have my report. If you think I'm crazy and reading too much into something innocent, let me know. If I'm missing something obvious, let me in on that, too.

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