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Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2004
Tangental Ramblings

I give up.

I think I'm going to have to quit my job. It's either that or end up in the hospital or the morgue. It's midnight and I am only now finishing up work for the day. That's fifteen hours, if anyone's counting. Nonstop. I don't even take off for lunch, don't get a break, nothing. This is officially too insane even for me. I don't know what I'll do but I'm not doing this any more. Boss can sit and rotate. And keep in mind, I'm not getting paid overtime, since I qualify for the exemption under our wonderful new US labor law. Not that I ever got paid overtime, anyway, but it was a nice thought.

And I do this





More, some weeks.

Tall Guy came in tonight to help me with maintenance (which is pretty much a joke, anyway) and I sent him home. He'd already gone home sick on the first day of his new job. With that auspicious start, I figured he didn't need to be putzing around with something I didn't need him to do, anyway. He looked thoroughly butt-hurt when I pointed out (honestly) that I really don't need him to take care of maintenance. I mean come on... He sat there asking if I was absolutely sure I didn't need him to stay. There are tech jobs at which he is simply better than I am, but this isn't rocket science - I can handle it just fine. I had to remind him that I'd done it for months before he came into the picture. It made it a little tough for him to argue the point. I wasn't brutal but the man was sick. He needed to be home in bed, not sitting for two and a half hours staring at a computer screen watching it run through its paces.

The things that took the most time tonight were 1) that I had to document everything I did with regard to maintenance and build a tutorial, and 2) I had a ton of stuff to come home and write and record for tomorrow's news, plus several more I had to produce for our public service package. Considering I was already so tired my eyes were crossing, I can't guarantee how coherent the writing is, but as I told my friend from Quebec, "Pardon me if I don't give a ...."

I have literally everyone demanding something from me and no one giving back. If complaining about that makes me selfish, so be it. No, that's not entirely true. 00 provides me with transportation to work and to do laundry. In return, I put gas in the car and pay for her to wash her clothes (hers and Pipeboy's.) So at least there it's somewhat reciprocal. And Boss gives me an allowance... I mean, paycheck. At least that's what the IRS calls it. I told a couple of people what I make for a living and they were aghast, unbelieving that I'd actually work for so little, given what I do.

Bottom line, for the moment I'm functioning on a subsistence wage (or less, with Youngest Daughter and Granddaughter here.)

Unfortunately quitting my job will mean being homeless and worse... no Internet. But at this point, I'm beginning to think it's worth it. Right now the only time I'm online anyway is when I'm working.

Boss seems at least to realize I'm nearing my last straw and he's about to be royally screwed when I walk out. He is asking me to create tutorials for him to do the maintenance. His plan is that he'll do it so I don't have to stick around.



While to me this stuff is kindergarten level, Boss still has an extremely hard time managing email. Sad to say, I'm not exaggerating. I did create a tutorial, took screen shots, did all I could do to try to put it into no-brainer format, but I already know how it will go. Boss will get to step one and panic. Then to step two and panic. And so on. And I'll be on the phone in a series of phone calls every five minutes until 2AM, and probably before it's over he'll be complaining because he's still awake and I'm not there doing the job myself.

If Tall Guy was going to be a continuing tech for the station, he could do this stuff once a week and give me a break. No big deal. And given his rocky start to the new job, I'm not ruling out that possibility. Day one at a new job you really, REALLY don't want to go home sick, no matter what. I'm not unsympathetic, honestly, I just know how the work ethic is in this state. As in, employers don't have any.

It isn't only my current job that fosters deplorable work conditions, by the way. Arizona is a so-called "Right to Work" state, which is possibly the ultimate misnomer. To paraphrase our law, "You have a right to quit without reason, and your boss has a right to fire you without reason." There are other details that aren't specifically stated but are carried out in practice nonetheless. Like if your boss has workmen's compensation, no matter how irresponsibly the business is handled, you can't sue him or her. (Actually I think that one is on the books. A few years ago, an attorney told me verbatim that unless your employer intentionally hit you with a two-by-four, you can't sue.) Like labor laws are taken more as suggestions than something more concrete. And the list goes on. The things that pass for the norm here would probably result in a riot in other parts of the U.S.

Okay, after having gone off on some pretty far-removed tangents, I am acknowledging that I'm slap-happy and calling it a night. I will do my best to come back and read everyone's diary tomorrow. I won't even attempt it tonight.

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