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Monday, Sept. 27, 2004
The Search For Wheels

Ah, good. I can finally get in here to add an entry.

I don't have a lot of time but finally got around to uploading one of the pictures I took over the weekend. This was snapped Saturday afternoon about 1:30, give or take. Click on the thumbnail to see the larger picture.

As you can see - gorgeous blue skies with only a few cumulus clouds behind the mountains.

Within a couple of hours, there was almost no visible blue sky and the winds were howling like a banshee. The air smelled like rain, but if it was there, it never hit where I lived. I wouldn't have cared except I had to walk to the grocery store. Once the winds died down and I realized it wasn't really going to rain, I enjoyed the walk. The temperatures have remained well within the range of comfort, and the recent rain left the air wonderfully clean and clear. The lawns are beginning to go brown, as summer grass dies out. There are only a few sparse patches of winter grass beginning to peek through at this point. Those will eventually spread, of course, and there will be a short period of winter greenery before we get a cold snap that freezes everything. We really don't have much in terms of fall color. There aren't a lot of deciduous trees here. We have cottonwood, mesquite brush, a handful of sparse, gnarled pine and juniper, acacia, a variety of sumac that is especially prolific in this area, ironwood, and other species that I don't even know how to classify.

If this place weren't so steeped in third-world conditions it would be paradise. We have extremely mild winters and our summers, while hot, are more livable than the alternative in Phoenix. With a decent air conditioner, it's perfectly livable.

For better or worse, our proximity to Phoenix may eventually get us there, too. We will start to acquire an influx of retirees who realize that in this immediate area, Mother Nature has taken a mellow approach. Our community leaders recognize the fact and both fear and welcome the inevitable changes. It will undoubtedly raise property values and clean up the community in terms of appearance. It will also add to the burden on an already-understaffed public services network and likely bring along an influx of crime and additional drains on taxpayers.

At a tentative planning meeting last Tuesday, we talked about establishing ordinances to regulate growth. The one thing that virtually everyone wanted to insure is that we are able to maintain the small-town feel, the ability to see and say hello to neighbors you pass on the street.

Sorry, I digressed into news mode there for a second. Slap my hands if I do it again!

I'll hopefully be back later tonight. Nothing going on with Tall Guy today, which is to be expected. He's supposed to come in tomorrow night and do maintenance. I was planning to stick around, but I have yet another meeting I've got to attend. So I need to call him today and see if he needs me there tomorrow. If so I'll have to postpone maintenance until Wednesday - again - which means yet another week of working late for three straight nights. Ugh. And I know next week will be its own form of insanity, as I think I have a Thursday meeting next week, too.

I know boss has me down on the no-overtime-pay rule, but I didn't plan on signing up for indentured servitude, either. I am already selling my vacation back in order to get a vehicle. I'm just going to pay to get my old car fixed. While it's not perfect, at least it's a known quantity. It will have a rebuilt engine, the rubber is good, and it's been maintained. I may have to replace the transmission but if I buy a used junker I might end up paying out a few hundred dollars and STILL have to do all of that. And at least the old Chevy has a clean body and interior. It's also pretty good on gas mileage and the AC works. Guess I can't ask for much more than that at the moment.

And yes, boxx9000, I am a grandmother. I have one beautiful four-year-old grandson and an adorable one-year-old granddaughter. Both live in the Phoenix area. I think I've got some photos somewhere. I'll have to dredge them up and post here.

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